Mustang Footballers Gallop Back to Campus – 17 April

On Saturday, 17 April the campus will roar to life with the sounds of friendly competition, intense drills and a whole lot of fun as the Dulwich College Shanghai Puxi Mustangs Football Training kicks off once again for Term 3.

Becoming a member of the Dulwich Mustangs Football Team is a significant achievement for our students. Not only do they obtain key skills for football, but they also learn to be great sportspeople who play with pride, passion, desire and belief.

Mustangs are proud to represent their College and perform to the best of their ability at all times.
Mustangs are passionate about their sport, and enjoy the time spent with peers.
Mustangs play with the hunger and desire to win.
Mustangs believe in themselves. They do not doubt their abilities. They never give up.

Another key attribute we seek in our Mustangs is adherence to our College values, especially Be Kind and Respectful. Within football, Respect can be demonstrated in different ways. We expect our players to show respect towards fellow players, the opposing team, to the coaches and referees. We understand that these qualities transfer into everyday life. Respect shows integrity, which is a valuable attribute for any young person to develop. We expect members of the Dulwich Mustangs Football team to passionately cheer their teammates, to thank their opponents, to shake hands at the end of a match, and to thank referees and coaches.

Joining the Dulwich Mustangs Football training sessions has many benefits that students should be aware of. First and foremost is, naturally, the opportunity for students to learn and develop their football skills. But beyond this, students will also improve their fitness, communication skills, coordination and work ethic. Participating in sport improves cardiovascular health, increases cognitive brain function and increases bone and muscle strength. Football also teaches students about discipline, physical and mental toughness, sportsmanship, teamwork and camaraderie. Mustangs form positive relationships and mutual trust within the team and feel valued.

Each Saturday training session, students will be focusing on a specific skill required for football. Some of these skills include passing, dribbling, shooting, attacking, defending and communication. Teaching different skills discretely each training session will enable students to harness and hone these skills in a structured and cohesive manner. Once training sessions have concluded, the House Football Tournament will provide the perfect platform for students to showcase what they have learnt.

The date of the House Football Tournament will be announced soon! This will be open to ALL Junior School students, who will have an opportunity to compete for their Houses in the final House event of the year!

Please see training dates outlined below:

Saturday, 17 April
Saturday, 24 April
Saturday, 8 May
Saturday, 22 May
Saturday, 29 May
Saturday, 5 June

We look forward to seeing our Mustangs back on the field on Saturday, 17 April.