My hands may be small, but my impact makes a difference!

“My hands may be small, but my impact makes a difference.”

This statement is at the heart of what we teach in the Dulwich Junior School.

This week, I would like to spotlight our incredibly capable, articulate and insightful Year 4 students, who as team have progressively worked hard together for the past 4 weeks to better understand the topic of ‘How can we protect the World’s endangered species?’ 

Throughout their topic learning, I have witnessed their outrage and disbelief at how so many endangered animals are treated, hunted and impacted. I have listened to their essays where they have each written passionately about an animal close to extinction. Their words are currently being collated and printed as a consumer awareness campaign. I am particularly inspired about the actions of our Year 4 students who chose to embrace meat free days, learning to cook deliciously healthy vegetarian food for the whole of our community. This week, Year 4 have showed us without faltering that although my hands may be small, my impact makes a difference.

Here are some of the comments that have really impressed and inspired me this week. Well done for your thought leadership on this topic, Year 4:

All around the world societies and charities are joining together. Will you help us? It is not too late but if we keep dawdling it will be. — Poppy

We need to avoid palm oil… 50% of lowland gorillas have declined. Please spread the word and help our great apes. — Evelyn

If we don’t change whales will sadly be extinct. There’s still time to act… — Chris

Do you know why the sea turtle in endangered? Actually, it’s us, our behaviour and activity - please protect now. — Melody

We know we haven’t got much time, but there IS still some time, if you try, we can change. — Ashley

Students at Dulwich are typically highly motivated. They want to be involved in the conversation, they want to make a positive difference. And as a school we are responding to their call - we are committing ourselves to a more sustainable operation – removing single use plastics, growing snacks; recycling bins, Eco Explorer Camp – these are all examples of our community coming together. 

Getting better never stops, we commit whole headedly to helping our students to be internationally minded, global citizens who want to make a difference. Next year throughout our whole Junior School curriculum we will be weaving the ‘Good Life Goals’ linked to the 2030 global goals. As thought leaders, we want our community to always be having the conversation about making positive changes for our planet. We want our students to feel informed and empowered to go out into the world with a belief that change is in the power of their hand.