Dulwich Parents and Students Survey Results

Here are the results of the recent Dulwich Puxi survey completed by Parents of Primary and Senior students. The survey was completed in March. 

Over 75% of Primary and Senior parents and students are satisfied and above, with their child’s Online Learning programme. 
Over 88% of parents said their child could actively participate in all the learning.
Over 91% of parents and students agree they have progressed academically.
Over 96% of parents and students said their teachers readily supported them in their Online Learning experiences.

These are extremely positive results and we wish to thank all parents for their unwavering commitment to supporting their child at home, throughout this very difficult time.

Since the start of Online Learning, parents and senior school students have seen the most improved learning skills as:

  1. Independence:  An increased ability to be self-directed and independent in learning tasks.
  2. Adaptability:  Students are able to adapt, function and thrive in a changed environment.
  3. Self-Directed:  Students are able to manage their workloads and complete tasks on time.

With the support of their parents, many Dulwich students have continued to make excellent academic progress, despite the limitations of being away from the normal school environment. This highlights the fact that with a strong home and school partnership, a Dulwich education can build bridges to the world, and in this current climate, those bridges are more important than ever.