Our Amazing English Adventures: Part 3

22 students and parents travelled to London and Oxford for 2 weeks filled with history, art, culture, theatre, music, glorious food and fun! Our students wrote about their amazing worldwise experiences below....

Day 9: Shall we meet at the Palace?

Dear Diary,

Blenheim Palace, near Oxford is an amazing historical site to visit, and is the birth place of Winston Churchill. It is also home to one of the largest garden mazes in the you can imagine, we had so much fun running through the maze, getting lost and trying to find our way out again. 

Day 10: The Magic of Harry Potter!

Dear Diary,

We have all been waiting patiently to meet Harry Potter and his friends at the Warner Bros Studios, and today was the day! We toured the film sets and learned all about the Harry Potter film productions. We drank butter beer, just like Harry Potter did in Diagon Alley, and many of us bought magic wands. I loved the film studios, it was so interesting to see all the sets where the films are made and learn about life on a set. Such an amazing day!

Day 11: Getting Creative in London!

Dear Diary,

Our last day in London and what a day it was! We were very lucky to attend a Royal Shakespeare Company drama workshop. The teacher used ideas and scenes from the theatre production of Matilda for the workshop. It was so fun to act out our emotions in creative ways. Matilda, the stage production was just incredible. We couldn’t believe all the stars of the show were children like us. We were so inspired to learn that a major stage show in London is all performed by children our age…the sky is the limit!!

"The whole trip was so amazing!

 Dulwich College London and strawberry picking in Oxford were my favourite parts. Dulwich London is absolutely fantastic. The buildings are a different style to ours. I saw Shackleton’s boat at Dulwich London. I also learnt lots of interesting history whilst in England. "

- Miller