Public Speaking and the Art of Communication

Public speaking is a special feature of life at Dulwich College Shanghai Puxi. We want our students to become confident communicators so we are committed to providing them with a range of experiences to develop this important skill set.  The opportunity to present to others is built into our curriculum. Year 5 students gave fascinating talks on different species of sharks as part of their end of topic celebration last term. Similarly Year 4 students explained how our digestive system works to their parents. The opportunity to present is also built into our College routines. From welcoming visitors and leading campus tours to speaking in assembly, there are many ways in which our students are developing the communication skills that will prepare them for success at university and in their chosen line of business. In the coming weeks, there are some very special opportunities to take this a step further.

Poetry @ Puxi is our House Performance Poetry competition and is one of the highlights of the College year. Developed by Mr. Sellers, the competition provides an opportunity for students from across the College to take centre stage and enjoy the spotlight as they perform in front of their peers. It is also a wonderful celebration of poetry with students reciting a wide range of poems from across many different cultures. This year Poetry @ Puxi will be even better as we welcome back Harry Baker, the performance poet who became a TED Talk star.

Harry will be leading workshops for a range of students and helping them prepare for their own moments on the stage. We are delighted to bring inspirational speakers like China's public speaking national champion, Bobo Lu and Harry Baker to Dulwich College Shanghai Puxi to work with our students.  It is just one of the many ways in which we promote public speaking and nurture the art of communication.