See our House Sorting Ceremony!

400 years of Dulwich history came alive today, with the House Sorting Ceremony. All new students from Year 1 and up were invited on to the stage of the Alleyn theatre, where they tried on the Dulwich Sorting Hat. The Dulwich Sorting Hat then announced which of our four Houses (Song, Earhart, Yung or Shackleton) the new students were joining. 

Students relish their involvement in our House system and it is a vibrant part of school life for our students. Termly, students of the same House rally together to compete in athletics, swimming, and creative collaboration challenges against students in the other Houses. Not only is it a spirited part of school life, but it is also wonderful to see students of all ages bond together. For our younger students, the House system is an excellent opportunity to connect with older students and build relationships outside of their year groups. And for older students, the House system provides an excellent platform to develop leadership skills, as they lead their fellow younger students through the many competition days. 

The Dulwich Sorting Hat lives in the Headmaster’s study and when it is not on stage conducting itself rather humourously through our annual House Sorting Ceremonies, it can sometime be heard quietly snoring in the corner of Mr Ingram’s office.