Shackleton, Yung, Earhart or Song: Which House are You?

This week, much of the focus at Dulwich College Shanghai Puxi has been on our time honoured tradition; the House Sorting Ceremonies. Throughout the week all new students and staff have been sorted into their respective Houses; starting their journey in this fantastic tradition, and their membership that will stay with them a lifetime.

On Tuesday, 8 September all Year 1 students were allocated into their Houses, followed by Primary School and Senior School on Friday, 11 September. For those younger year groups, they were given the honour of having the sorting hat (yes, our very own talking Dulwich College Shanghai Puxi sorting hat), assign them a House. The sorting hat has quite the task: learning about their character, their talents and their potential, then sorting them into the House that will help them achieve their goals.

For the Senior School students, their House sorting took place in the annual Senior School House Banquet. This is a special occasion befitting the age and maturity of our Senior School students. Students are treated to a fantastic feast, allowing them to bond with their House team mates. This was also the time to announce the new House Captains for the year. Congratulations to all those who put their names forward, and to those who were successful in being nominated House Captain for the year. We look forward to seeing all the wonderful achievements you have in store.

So now, with all students and staff successfully sorted into their Houses, we look forward to seeing the House system in action, and wonder who will be the winners of the House Cup for academic year 2020-2021.