Speech Day 2021: Celebrating Outstanding Student Achievement

This year’s Speech Day celebrations took place on Wednesday, 23 June. Speech Day is a long-standing Dulwich tradition which takes place at the end of every academic year. It is a formal award ceremony attended by all Dulwich College Shanghai Puxi staff and students, providing the opportunity to recognise those students who have made outstanding achievements in all areas of College life; from academics, sports and music to service, student leadership and overall contribution to the College community.

All Speech Day awards are granted following a rigorous selection process that includes a formal set of criteria for each award. Nominations involve many members of the Dulwich College Shanghai Puxi academic community, with a shortlist process that ascends through all levels of College leadership through to the Head of College’s office.

Awards are given in the following categories;

Earhart Endeavour Awards

The Earhart Endeavour Awards have been renamed from the previous Dulwich Endeavour Awards, in honour of Amelia Earhart and a legacy of Earhart House, which is now officially Moussa House.

Winners of the prestigious Earhart Endeavour Award consistently and openly demonstrate a positive work ethic. They aim high and embrace our College values both inside and outside of the classroom. These students make a huge effort in their class work, and contribute positively to their class environment. These students are not afraid to make mistakes, and embody a growth mindset in all they do. As winners of the Earhart Endeavour Award, these students show perseverance and determination and face challenge bravely. These students are incredibly organised, demonstrating comprehensive learning plans and always seeking to clarify and understand their learning challenges.

This year’s Earhart Endeavour Award winners are;


High School

Zoe K, Year 11
Elia C, Year 9


Middle School

Dora W, Year 8
Ciara M, Year 7


Junior School

Tabitha I, Year 6 Chimeras
Daniel Z, Year 5 Gryphons
Rain S, Year 4 Leopards
Erina S, Year 4 Tigers
Cecilia H, Year 4 Panthers
Emma K, Year 3 Kestrels
Cindy W, Year 3 Harriers
Andy K, Year 3 Merlins



Melissa S, Year 2 Geckos
Jayden C, Year 2 Iguanas
Sally L, Year 2 Crocodiles
Alice X, Year 1 Kiwis
Lucas M, Year 1 Owls
Belle X, Year 1 Puffins


Sports Award

Winners of the Sports Award are recognised for their outstanding contribution to College sports based on calibre and level of performance, sportsmanship, team spirit and leadership. They have demonstrated the most terrific attitude in their sporting endeavours. They are highly motivated to achieve and actively look for ways to improve their skills. They are natural coaches in a team environment, always supporting their team mates to get the best result. These students are true Mustangs. They play and compete in sports with pride, passion, desire and belief.

This year’s Sports Award winners are;


Senior School

Stella D, Year 7


Junior School

Sean B, Year 6


Music Award

Our Music Award recognises students who are dedicated and committed to their own endeavours of music mastery. Evaluated on standard of performance, representation of College, progress in musicianship and leadership in College musical life, Music Award students are active contributors to the College orchestras and choirs. They have made outstanding progress in their musicianship this year, embracing opportunities for live performance on and off the stage.

This year’s Music Award winners are:


Senior School

Leona S, Year 7


Junior School

Nina W,  Year 5


The McDouall Award

The McDouall Award is not linked to academic capability, but rather it recognises outstanding students who embody our College values at every opportunity.

Aim High, Work Hard
Be Kind and Respectful
Make a Difference

These students are role models to others; they live and breathe our College values across all areas of the school. They displays endless kindness. They are strong and empathetic individuals who make a difference by helping others to overcome their own adversity. These students contribute positively to the College community. These students are natural leaders who champion positive changes with authentic voices. They intrinsically understand what is required to be a good leader.

The winners of this year’s McDouall Award are;


Senior School

Ryan F, Year 10


Junior School

Melody Z, Year 6


Beith Award

The Beith Award is awarded to one incredible DUCKS student each year. Like the McDouall Award, it is not linked to academic capability but rather it recognises outstanding students who embody our College values at every opportunity.

Aim High, Work Hard
Be Kind and Respectful
Make a Difference

This student lives and breathes our College values across all areas of the school. They display endless kindness. They are a strong and empathetic individual who makes a difference by helping others to overcome their own adversity. This student contributes positively to the College community, is a natural leader who champions positive changes with an authentic voice.

This year’s Beith Award winner is;


Ethan L, Year 2 Crocodiles


The Carver Award

The Carver Award is awarded to students who embrace the Dulwich curriculum with passion and vigour. They display a faultless attitude of excellence towards all their work. These students are academically successful due to pure hard work and commitment. Behind the scenes these students are extremely ambitious, putting huge amounts of effort into their academic performance. They are known for their organised approach to learning and their thirst for knowledge. The three students with the highest combine attainment results in their phase of school will receive nomination for the Carver Award, after which the shortlist and selection process commences.

This year’s Carver Award winners are;


Senior School

Meichen W, Year 10


Junior School

Aedan W, Year 6


The Ma Da Dong Award

The Ma Da Dong Award is awarded to the student who has made an outstanding contribution to service in the community. This student has demonstrated their ability to make a positive difference by serving or supporting others, and the environment. This student has most championed change for good and recipients have often prepared business plans or led student activities which promote change and a positive difference. 

This year’s Ma Da Dong Award winner is;


Vincent Y, Year 7


Key Stage 1 Speech Day

Key Stage 1 Speech Day is an important milestone for all DUCKS students, but especially those in Year 2 as it represents their graduation from DUCKS into Junior School. Following the ceremony that included speeches, awards and performances, the Year 2 students and their parents made their way down to their special Year 2 Graduation Morning Tea.

The families had an opportunity to form wonderful memories as they reflected on their child’s DUCKS journey so far, and looked forward to the big world of Junior School to come.


Junior School Speech Day

Similarly, Junior School Speech Day is a momentous occasion for those students in Year 6, as they mark the end of their Junior School journey and prepare for life in Senior School. This transition is perhaps one of the more daunting ones. Over the course of the past few weeks, as the Year 6 students have engaged in a range of transition activities, they have come to realise they are no longer the “big kids” of the school, and will be starting their journey afresh as the youngest members of Senior School. Thankfully, all of the Senior School students have given them a warm welcome and helped them feel at ease with the process. Junior School Speech Day culminated in a graduation procession and afternoon tea with parents.


Senior School Speech Day

With special guests in attendance from Dulwich College International, Senior School Speech Day included a range of spectacular performances, in addition to the awards ceremonies. As Mr Ingram writes in this week’s newsletter, “Awards are meaningful, but they only capture a fraction of achievement from across the year.  While outcomes matter, it is students’ mindsets that will drive their success in the future.  This message was reinforced by our guest speaker, business leader Susie Liu, a Dulwich College Shanghai Pudong alumni who graduated from the University of Cambridge. Susie encouraged our students to be open to new experiences and changes of direction”. Although she was unable to attend in person, Susie’s speech encouraged and inspired our Senior School students to take advantage of all the opportunities they are afforded at the College, and provided some insightful wisdom about finding your purpose in this modern age.

After the formalities, parents were treated to an art exhibition, browsing student work created throughout the academic year.


Year 11 Celebration Evening

Following their successful IGCSE examinations, Year 11 students and their parents were treated to a formal dinner with their teachers and members of the College Leadership Team at the Amanyangyun Resort.


Congratulations to all our Speech Day award winners, and our students transitioning up to new phases of the College.