Swimming at Dulwich Puxi

Swimming at Dulwich Puxi

In our first inter-school swimming competition of this academic year, Dulwich Puxi swim squad members from Years 5 – 8 welcomed Dehong and YCIS to compete together in our stunning 50m Olympic Pool. Led by Coach Jack, Dulwich Puxi swimmers performed very well, achieving many first–place positions and beating the other two schools in freestyle, breaststroke, backstroke, butterfly and the team relay races. It was an excellent gala and there was some super competition among the schools. We look forward to hosting another long course 50 metre competition very soon.


About the Dulwich Swim Squad

Our swimming squad welcomes all competitively motivated swimmers, and we train together 4 times per week. Our squad members are focused on individual performance enhancement for long course swimming. We practice technique, stroke improvement and stamina training so it is really rewarding to see our hard work transferred to competitive action with outstanding results and improvements on personal best times.


The Dulwich Puxi Swimming Programme 

The Dulwich Puxi Swimming Programme begins in the Early Years, at 2 years old for all students, with weekly lessons aimed to build water enjoyment and confidence. We follow the Swim England Programme as our development guide for students. All swimmers’ progress is monitored and tracked each week, and students are rewarded with certificates and badges to show their achievements through the programme. It is our goal to provide a high quality swimming training experience, which will ultimately lead to strong swimmers and swim teams, as students progress up through the school.

Some students are natural water lovers and progress faster than the age related expectations highlighted in the Swim England programme. Within each swimming lesson, we provide differentiation opportunities to ensure that swimmers are met with new challenges to progress and develop their swimming skills and ability.