The Big College Sleepover – but did anyone actually sleep?

The Big College Sleepover is an annual tradition at Dulwich College Puxi for all Year 2 students, marking the start of students’ independent journeys and adventures through our Residential Trips programme. The Big College Sleepover is a superb event for our students – it is always highly anticipated and there is much excitement in the lead up about sleeping away from home.

The sleepover begins straight after school on a Friday evening. Year 2 students enjoy a range of fun and creative activities together including cooking, sports, games, arts and crafts, watching a movie together, and finally camping in tents in the sports hall.

Thank you to our Year 2 teachers who organise this event so well, and to our Head of Primary who joined the students for this year’s Big Sleepover. We know our teachers didn’t get much sleep on the night – but it was so much fun!