The Dulwich Mandarin Curriculum

At Dulwich College Shanghai Puxi, we value the importance of Mandarin language and Chinese culture in our curriculum, which has been carefully developed and refined over the past 14 years to ensure best possible success for our students. Throughout the school calendar year, we provide meaningful opportunities for all students to explore different aspects of Chinese culture; through festivals, foods and field trips. We always aim to expand the horizon of cultural understanding and deepen our students’ language ability through these experiences. We offer these experiences to our native speakers, as well as first language learners in carefully streamed language classes.

Mandarin language learning starts for all students in the Dulwich Kindergarten, (DUCKS) where we adopt a highly successful dual Language Approach. The DUCKS language development approach values both English and Mandarin equally. The aim of the Dual Language approach in DUCKS is to develop fluent speakers in English and Mandarin by the end of Year 2 who can comfortably switch from one language to another, while always remaining secure in their first language.