The Dulwich Shakespeare Festival 2019

Being part of a global family of schools carries many benefits, not least the opportunity for students to partake in a diverse range of collaborative cultural experiences across the Dulwich network.

We are delighted to announce that The Dulwich Shakespeare Festival returns, with Dulwich College (Singapore) hosting this year’s events. Working alongside practitioners from the Royal Shakespeare Company, Dulwich College students from across Asia analyse and perform texts by Shakespeare. Workshops mimic the process of developing theatre as a professional company, giving students a realistic experience of working within the Arts. Skills developed include characterisation, voice work, creative use of an ensemble, and stage combat. Each school has created a touring show to present at the Festival, demonstrating their interpretation of a Shakespearean text. The festival gives opportunities to learn, build friendships and share our love of theatre with one another. We hope that you will join us for the sharing of work!

For DCSPX students above Y6 interested in taking part in this year’s Dulwich Shakespeare Festival, please contact Mr Haslett.