The Importance of Fine Traditions

The 4 Houses of Dulwich College Minhang

The House system was originally introduced at Dulwich College in London in 1919 when students were initially divided into Houses (groupings of students across all age groups) for their athletic competitions. At that time the Houses were named after ‘distinguished Englishmen of the Elizabethan period’, many of whom were friends and acquaintances of Dulwich College’s founder, Edward Alleyn.

Today, almost 100 years later, the international colleges carry on this fine tradition of the House system, and on joining Dulwich, each student is placed into one of our four Houses.

Manners makes the man…

It is in their House groups that our students learn valuable life lessons together. From older students to younger students, the learning of good manners, good citizenship and good sportsmanship is developed, coached and shared. Whether during an internal sporting competition, where students learn to win - and lose – graciously. Or by being rewarded for excellent behavior, polite manners and good citizenship in class. Each student has an active role in collecting house points for outstanding behaviour or performance from our teachers. At the end of the academic year, the College Headmaster presents the most awarded house with the time honoured Dulwich School Cup. A trophy recognizing the students of one house who have consistently displayed the school’s dearest values:


The Four Houses of Dulwich College Minhang are Earhart (Amelia Earhart), Shackleton (Ernest Shackleton), Yung (Yung Wing) and Song (Song Qingling). At Dulwich College Minhang, our four houses are named after exemplary leaders in their chosen fields, men and women who displayed amazing personal characteristics of courage, perseverance, commitment and charity throughout their lifetimes. Our students learn from leaders of our past to become leaders of the future, and at Dulwich we continually educate our students about positive, social character development to encourage healthy competition and core social values for their future success.