The Journey Of Dulwich Graduate Students This Year

Dulwich International students have received over 2000 offers from schools including Global Top 30 and Top 50 colleges and universities, despite global pandemic difficulties. The offers come from the world’s finest colleges and universities; Ivy League, OxBridge, Stanford, UC Berkeley, LSE, U Chicago, UCL, McGill, U Toronto, HKU to name but a few, with more continuing to roll in.

The Dulwich International University Counselling Team is particularly proud of the array of options that nearly every graduate has received, ranging from highly selective courses like International Relations at the University of St Andrews, multiple offers of extremely rare financial scholarships at the University of Glasgow, and multiple offers to read medicine, law and study art or music in the top establishments across the US, UK and Europe. From prestigious Swiss culinary schools to world-renowned art and design programmes at the Rhode Island School of Design in the US, Dulwich International students continue to cover the entirety of the modern university spectrum, with most students having multiple options to choose from.

When considering the journey for Dulwich Puxi students who will graduate in 2023, David Ingram Founding Head of College comments;

“Dulwich students are truly outstanding young adults who work hard and use the Dulwich curriculum to best define themselves. What we consistently see in our Dulwich graduates around the world is personality, passion and academic rigour…and I think this is why our students always have top options and get to choose their ‘best fit’.”

At the time of writing, offers were still arriving from leading universities in Australia, New Zealand, Canada and Europe where processes are timed later. Despite the year we have experienced so far, the future is indeed bright for Dulwich international graduates in 2020, and we are so delighted that these students can set such an exemplary standard for our students who follow.