The Joy Of Achievement And The Thrill Of Creative Effort

When British artist, Kathryn Robbins agreed to come and work with our Senior School students for a week of art and creative workshops, we knew it would be a week of creative energy and colour for all involved. 

The creative brief was very simple:
"We have white walls and these are students' learning spaces. Please work together to create art that moves and inspires you, that brings you joy and happiness. That creates a feeling and a space where you will all love to be and learn together." 

The results have been incredible. As a group, they worked hard and had fun creating warm and inspiring learning spaces. Feedback from the entire student community has been overwhelming. Our sincere thanks to Kathryn who harnessed our senior students' energy and led them on a wonderful creative journey! 

' Working with our visiting artist allowed our students to harness their inner creativity and challenged them to take risks with new experiences. Many started the new academic year apprehensive about making new friends, but the collaboration and teamship was tangible, with the week ending in new friendships being forged and a sense of achievement from all.'

Kayleigh Eskander
Senior School Pastoral Leader

' It was fantastic to have Kathryn and Nourredine work with our students, and enable them to develop their ideas and produce collaboratively on a set brief, that has a visible impact on their environment. These creative spaces can be enjoyed by students, teachers and parents, and artistically displays some of the values we hold as a school, in addition to depicting the cities of London and Shanghai. Working in this manner is a valuable opportunity for students to not only develop their artist studies, but to also enrich their educational experiences by taking them out of the classroom, and seeing how their skill base can be used in a ‘real-life’ setting. By offering the chance to develop and see-through a project with a working professional in the field, our students can be inspired, and interpret where their creative studies could possibly lead them in the future.'

Charlotte Sneath
Art Teacher