Dulwich College Puxi Year 3 – Year 5 Girl Guides had a very memorable overnight residential trip recently, when they slept overnight at the Shanghai Aquarium. Below is an account of their overnight trip, written as a collaboration piece by the students. Please enjoy! 

We left school on Friday afternoon and arrived at the aquarium in time for dinner. There were no fish and chips on the menu, thank goodness! After dinner, we visited many fish and special exhibitions there. We were the only people around and we even got to touch some baby sharks. During our visit:

I learned about the shocking amount of electricity created by electric eels.

I discovered that scorpion fish are one of the most poisonous fish in the oceans. Scorpion fish are really rather ugly to look at so it is probably best to stay away from them.

My most memorable moment on our sleepover at the aquarium was chilling out with the jelly fish. We got to lay down beside them and watch them float around their tanks whilst the lighting in their tank changed colours. It was quite magical and very relaxing.

In contrast to chilling out with the jellyfish, we then proceeded to set up our tents beneath the sharks. It was exhilarating!

Inside my sleeping bag I could look up at so many fish and sharks above my head. It was very special.

This experience may sound super scary, but we felt very safe. And it was really cool.

Many of the sharks might need to visit to the dentist because their rows of fiercely sharp teeth looked quite crooked.

The giant turtles were so peaceful.

I loved the stingrays gliding through the water so gracefully.

The best part was sleeping over with my friends!

Thank you Mrs King, Mrs Sayama, Ms. Su and Mrs. Field for looking after us during our sleepover. We know you didn’t get a lot of sleep but it was really fun!