For our youngest learners, our DUCKS classrooms are filled with everyday, ordinary moments and fixed routines. A child says goodbye to Mummy in the morning and comes into their classroom. They go outside to play in the gardens, and they come in for cozy carpet time; English songs, stories and learning. They take learning resources off shelves to play, and later they tidy them away. They wash their hands and eat lunch. They choose different learning resources and enjoy more learning. They clean up. They have more story time and discussion. They say hello to Grandpa in the afternoon…Within the ebb and flow of these secure routines, your child is building confidence and control every step of their day. It is the memories of these collective everyday moments that will last a lifetime for your child, and therefore it is critical that we, as Early Years specialist teachers transform your child’s everyday moments into extraordinary ones whenever the opportunity arises.

In DUCKS we are always looking to enhance the amazing potential and magic of everyday moments and we wanted to share with you some of our favourite learning moments from this week.

“In Reception, I saw amazing creativity and language usage this week when one student created a shop selling hamburgers. He called customers over. He described his product, he negotiated prices, and he served his customers their food. He then helped a fellow classmate to create a picture of a hamburger shop. I used this moment as a teaching moment because I could see how engaged the children were in their activity so it was a perfect opportunity to teach new language related to their activity, and encourage more student participation and interaction. It was a beautiful learning moment led by the children.”
Ms. Harrison.

“In Toddlers, my students were learning to balance and roll tyres. They watched with fascination and joy as some of the tyres would successfully roll for a long distance, whilst other tyres would wobble and fall quite quickly. I could see them trying to work out what the factors were that made some tyres roll and other fall down. They were working out how to perfect the angle to get the best roll. One child was struggling to lift a tyre and after many attempts, a fellow student came to the rescue. I showed them where to lift and then stepped back to let them try. Together they were able to lift and then roll the tyre. This moment was a fantastic learning moment – I was so proud of the students for collaborating together to solve a problem.”
Ms. Threlkeld.

DUCKS Puxi is a learning environment which aims to make your child’s everyday moments matter. We aim to make everyday moments, teachable moments so that your child develops the confidence they need to grow into successful lifelong learners. We hope you have a lovely weekend with your child.