This week, the campus has transformed from the steady pace of activity over the summer, to a bustling hive of activity as our teaching staff, both new and returning, arrive on campus for inductions and final preparations for the new school year.

This week, our Uniform Week is being held off campus, providing a key service to our Dulwich families as they actively prepare for the new school year. In addition to organising their uniforms, children are enthusiastically browsing the Book Fair: actively contributing to our fundraising efforts for Veal Reyoung school in Cambodia.

Back on campus our teaching staff are attending a range of meetings and training sessions, and preparing their classrooms for 1 September when we eagerly await the students to commence the 2020-2021 academic year. Of course, over the summer the campus never really comes to a halt. We take this opportunity to complete summer works projects, enhancing the facilities each year to better accommodate the needs of our growing cohort. This year, students will find a range of improvements that we are sure will delight and surprise them. 

We Are Ready. For Anything!

Now, with less than a week before the start of the new term, we are coming to realise that here in Dulwich College Shanghai Puxi, the new normal will look much more normal than many had expected. With our host country, China, having achieved a great result in controlling the COVID-19 pandemic, our students can return to class and enjoy all of the benefits of face-to-face interactions with their peers: a true luxury not available in many other parts of the world. While special precautions and rigorous adherence to relevant epidemic prevention guidelines will remain in place, these will be largely without disruption to the daily lives of our students.

Of course, blended learning is an integral element of the new normal, and to that end our experiences over the past year have allowed us to embed best practice, further integrate technology into our curricula and ensure that moving forward, no matter what, we are ready to deliver the world-class holistic education that Dulwich is famous for. Teaching and learning is constantly evolving, and in order to prepare our children for the future, schools must proactively seek better ways of delivering their curricula. While COVID-19 may have been a catalyst for change, Dulwich has always been at the forefront of delivering a holistic education regardless of the context. We continue this tradition and lead on delivering our world-class education in the new normal. 

With our teaching staff fully ready and prepared for the new school year; We Are Back! We Are Ready!