We Feel Valued: The Dulwich Difference for Teachers

Dulwich College Shanghai Puxi is considered to be an exemplary employer of international teachers in China and in this social media series, 
“The Dulwich Difference For Teachers”,
our teachers share how Dulwich College Puxi has been a supportive and progressive employer for them. 

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Here, we introduce a much loved and respected teaching couple in the Dulwich community, Vicky and Niall Walker, who joined the Dulwich family from the UK one year ago.


Hello to you both! We would love to hear from you about your working life at Dulwich over the past year.

Q. Describe the culture of the College?

Vicky: The work and social culture at Dulwich College Puxi is great – I work very hard, but the work is meaningful and valuable, and is valued by the school community. The school community has been really welcoming; colleagues, parents, and children alike - and there is a lovely supportive ethos. We all work very well as a team, and there is a real sense of camaraderie and professional generosity, whether that be when sharing books, ideas or resources. 

Niall: As a specialist working across the whole College, I’ve enjoyed collaborating with colleagues and teams who are highly knowledgeable, inclusive, dynamic and filled with enthusiasm for delivering the best education possible, from our teachers and staff in Early Years to our Senior School. We have a whole college team that values every member of staff and we celebrate each other’s successes. We have numerous opt-in staff clubs, events and socials from which I’ve made and enriched friendships. Dulwich College Puxi is both a highly professional, ambitious organisation and a welcoming and active network.

Q. What’s your favourite aspect of working at Dulwich?

Vicky: My favourite aspect of working at Dulwich is working at a school whose values and educational beliefs most closely match my own. Dulwich really put children first and believe in reflection and self-improvement – it is not just lip service. It has also been fantastic to be able to give the same opportunities to our two children, giving them a true international education with opportunities that they would never have had back in the U.K. It has been great to have access to a wide range of professional learning and networking opportunities across a wide range of schools.

Niall: My favourite part of working at Dulwich is quite simply, the possibilities. We have incredible suites of resources, colleagues who are passionate and experts in their fields, a highly collaborative work environment, students who are excited and eager to learn, and a culture genuinely committed to continuous improvement. It is thrilling to work in and contribute to an environment that fosters innovative approaches to teaching and learning.

Q. Does the College community serve your wellbeing?

Vicky: The College community definitely serves my wellbeing. I have always felt supported here by my managers and colleagues. I know that if I ever had a worry or concern, I can turn to them. I have a great network of friends that I have built up here too, and as so many have gone through similar feelings, it is great to be able to discuss this with others. During the challenging times due to Covid-19 we also received a care package on our return to Shanghai, and the little luxuries that were included were such a lovely touch – it really brought a smile to our faces after a stressful few months! There is also a school counsellor on hand at school for supporting staff as well as students, which is reassuring to know.

Niall: Yes, emphatically. I have worked in several schools, public sector and third sector organisations and I’ve never experienced this level of commitment to the wellbeing and care of their staff as professionals, individuals and – for many of us – as families. As parents of two children new to the College and living overseas, the structured support and inspiring teaching they’ve received has given them both their best year of learning yet and they now feel at home here, and part of a community where they feel understood and valued. We have a supportive, caring team and that is led very actively by our senior management, whose doors are always open. 

Q. How does the College support your long term goals?

Vicky: The College has supported my long term goals in a number of ways. Firstly by providing great CPD opportunities through reading and courses, both online and during staff meeting times, but also through providing me with leadership opportunities, for example being Director of the Year 2 Christmas production, or running the KS1 pupil council meetings and coordinating Poetry Week. It has been wonderful to have so many opportunities to grown professionally. I have also really enjoyed working with a colleague at Dulwich Singapore to collate feedback about e-learning from all the Dulwich colleges for DUCKs, drawing conclusions and making recommendations to inform the upcoming ‘Out of the mouths of babes’ paper about the ideal e-learning or blended learning models.

Niall: The College supports my long term goals very actively with structured support, funding, expertise and time. I have clear professional goals and the College Leadership Team are guiding me to reach them - I feel really valued because they believe my professional goals are worth investing in and actively supporting. 

Q. How have you grown professionally since joining Dulwich?

Vicky: I have been able to develop my knowledge and understanding of several areas of interest that I have had in teaching: enquiry-based learning, assessment and using assessment data to inform teaching practice and pedagogy. It has been great to have access to high quality CPD and be able to discuss this with colleagues and stage partners. I am really looking forward to continuing to grow professionally with the College and seeing what the future has in store for me here.

Niall: In such a short time, I have learnt so much already. Dulwich is a powerful global network of outstanding teachers and academic leaders and I have been openly welcomed in to working teams both inside our College, as well as a collaborative group of specialist Librarians working across all Dulwich’s international colleges. I’ve benefitted from tailored training and specific professional development opportunities through these extensive networks.


Interested in knowing more about working at Dulwich?

Dulwich College Shanghai Puxi is located 40 minutes from downtown Shanghai. Teachers at Dulwich are well remunerated with a generous salary which is increased annually. We offer very attractive benefits including quality apartment accommodation, transport to and from campus, full medical insurance, flights home, meal and laundry allowances, and in selected positions, tuition fees paid for up to two children. Dulwich aims to attract high performing individuals and we support staff with generous professional learning opportunities to encourage growth. Dulwich College Puxi is part of a family of schools with 13 colleges and schools across China, Singapore, Myanmar and the UK and provides exciting prospects for career development and promotion.

Our College is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of all the students in our care and expects all applicants to share this commitment. We follow safe recruitment practice, and appointments are subject to an interview, satisfactory references as well as identity and criminal record checks. All successful applicants must also be able to meet visa requirements to work in China, including at least 2 years’ teaching experience.