Welcome Back to Campus!

It has been wonderful to finally be able to welcome our Senior students back to the campus. I am so proud of the way they have embraced the changes that have been made to ensure their safety. And I am extremely thankful to our academic and operations faculties for the professional guidance and caring support they have provided throughout this transition period. We are still adapting to change and I do want to assure you that listening to our students’ and parents’ feedback will inform some of the changes that we make along the way.

A few parents have asked if we captured photos/videos of our students back at the College. We certainly did. Please enjoy the video of their first day back at campus.

I also want to share with you this insightful ‘wordle’ exercise that our Year 10 and Year 9 students completed together when they arrived back at the campus and first met with Mr Ingram, myself and our teachers in the theatre. A ‘wordle’ is often used in research to capture instant and individual feedback to a particular question. The larger the word appears on the page, the more times it was used in people’s answers to the question.

We asked students 2 questions:

  • Tell us 3 words that describe Covid-19?

  • What qualities will we need to have a successful term?

Here are their answers:


“I’ve never met a strong person with an easy past.”

I think you will agree with me that our children have been through an intense experience, which is not yet over. And like cream in milk, they have risen to the top. I am so proud of the resilience of these young people and I’m inspired by their sentiments. Together with my academic faculty, we will do our best to ensure that our students have a successful remainder of Term 3 together on campus.

Kelly King
Deputy Head of Senior School