Welcome to Dr. Joe Spence, Master of Dulwich College London.

This week we were delighted to welcome Dr Joe Spence, Master of Dulwich College London to our campus. During his visit, Dr Spence spent a great deal of time with our students, particularly in the Senior School, talking with them about their aspirations for the future. Dr Spence was impressed about how articulate the students are about their learning, and how much they seem to enjoy their Dulwich experience. He reiterated how much he and students at Dulwich London are looking forward to welcoming Puxi students to London next March for the 400 year celebration of Dulwich's history. In March, our students will travel to London to join the Dulwich Olympiad, a huge event which will bring together around 1000 students from Dulwich schools around the world to compete in sports and collaborate in music, and the arts. 

Dr Spence later had lunch with 20 parent leaders from across Early Years, Junior School and Senior School, where the group discussed the growing school community together. Dr Spence was very impressed with the supportive nature of Dulwich Puxi parents.