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Amber Zhou

Head of Mandarin

I was born in Zhengding---- the historical and cultural city in Hebei, this town is famous for "nine buildings, four towers, eight temples" in the world. In literature, Bai Pu, Fan Zhongyan and modern writer Jia Dashan are all closely related to this small town. With the influence from my mother who works in Chinese education, I also likes to read and write. I started to publish articles in newspapers and magazines since primary school.

I attended Tianjin Normal University and participated in the ESEC immersion American language and culture course for one year. I began to be interested in western educational philosophy. Later, I received a master degree in East China Normal University, studied under Professor Fu Huisheng, who is well-versed in both Chinese and Western cultures, my research area include English translation of Chinese and English classics, comparison of Chinese and Western literature, etc.

After graduation, I taught in a key middle school in Shanghai for five years. I was responsible for teaching Chinese in main campus and international department, as well as international communication. This work brings me an opportunity to compare between Chinese and western education, during the time there I also won the titles like backbone teacher of the school, excellent teachers in the district, and participated in the design and compilation of Chinese tutorials, also participates in several international schools and bilingual school admission interview work as the examiner.

In addition, I've been to the United States, Singapore, Mexico ect. to participate in education training, to learn flip the classroom and other teaching concepts. In my spare time, I also participated in the Federation of Disabled Persons volunteer service activities, and those activities have been broadcasted on the CCTV News, at the same time I am a volunteer of Shanghai International Film Festival, translated a lot of classic films, and translated for famous overseas directors and British Consulate.

A few years ago, an accidental chance led me to IB Chinese course. This course gives great autonomy space for teachers, through enjoying Chinese and Western classical works, the students and I will stand on the shoulders of giants, have the opportunity to become better of ourselves. 

Last year, I have become a startup school staff in Dulwich Minhang, and served as the lead teacher in Chinese department. Both the strength and vitality of teachers from Chinese department has shocked me, we will work together to improve the teaching quality, hope Chinese natives will have Chinese feeling, wherever they go, they will be proud of their cultural gene, non-native students will love learning Chinese, become a communication bridge between the world and China.

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